IT Professional Services Roster

BCNET has pre-qualified a roster of IT service providers through a Request for Supplier Qualification (RFSQ) process. The roster addresses a range of needs for IT professional services in higher education.

After a rigorous pre-qualification vendor evaluation to identify responsive, knowledgeable and experienced resources, BCNET has established three-year framework agreements. There are 9 service provider agreements (effective September 1, 2018) focused on 4 common requested service categories:

  • Information and Cybersecurity
  • Network
  • Development and Operations
  • Infrastructure

Members can access a roster of framework agreements to acquire services that align with their institutional policies and processes.

  • Reduce administrative efforts and time associated in accessing services.
  • Access qualified, reliable, expert IT professional service vendors to meet planned and unplanned institutional needs
  • Leverage reliable and knowledgeable individuals with expertise in various system environments

The following vendors have been pre-qualified on the roster. Please refer to the BCNET Member Wiki (members only) for the designated serivce categories they have been pre-qualified for.

Company Contact Information

Annex Consulting Group

Sean Marthinsen, Client Manager

Avocette Technologies Inc.


Henk Oudman, Director, Professional Services


Francis Fong, Account Executive BC Public Sector


ISM Canada

Ken McLeod, Delivery Project Executive


Erik Berg, Partner - Risk Consulting

CDW Canada Corp.

John Gardner, Account Executive


Chris Read, Account Executive

Sierra Systems Group Inc.

Sonny Gill, Sales Executive


Judy Waywood-Cos, Resource Manager


Daniela Molella-Cheng, Account Executive


Bridget Barnett, Sales Executive, TELUS Business Solutions West


How To Access

Please contact the vendors below.

Expiry Date: August 31, 2021

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