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The Juniper agreement offers pre-negotiated pricing on Juniper's Core and Edge Switch family of products for higher education members.

Juniper offers its series of Core and Edge Switches for purchase through Juniper's Authorized Elite Resellers. These products provide state-of-art solutions that will fit into the campus environment for all institutions, regardless of size of geographical area.

Available Products

EX Switches

These cloud-grade switches are designed for the converged enterprise branch, campus, and data center, and for service providers. They address growing enterprise demands for high availability, unified communications, and virtualization.

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QFX Series Switches

Our QFX Series switches secure and automate your data center networks. They build a strong underlay foundation for flexible and high-performance fabrics that improve network reliability and agility, helping to simplify the path to multicloud. Juniper switching platforms provide a high-density, high-performance foundation for your most demanding data center and cloud environments. As your business grows, your data center must scale to accommodate increased network traffic and users, without compromising scalability, manageability, and sustainability. Our data center architectures support dozens to thousands of ports, scaling to address your evolving business needs while maximizing agility and investment dollars.

Modern data centers running at scale typically use an IP fabric architecture with EVPN-VXLAN overlay.

  • An IP fabric enables you to collapse traditional networking layers into a two-tier spine-and-leaf architecture optimized for large-scale environments. This highly interconnected Layer 3 network acts as an underlay to provide high resiliency and low latency across your network.

  • The EVPN-VXLAN overlay sits on top of the IP fabric. It enables you to extend and interconnect your Layer 2 data center domains.

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How to access

For more information about purchasing, please contact Juniper's Authorized Elite Resellers:

  • CDW
  • Charter Telecom
  • Telus

For all general inquiries, please contact:

Banks Deora
Senior Territory Account Manager - BC and Government/Education
Phone: 604-537-2220
BCNET Procurement Team 

expiry date: AUGUST 7, 2023

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