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In February 2015, we negotiated a contract with SurveyMonkey for FluidSurvey enterprise software.

The contract offers a white-label survey tool for members. As of March 2022, BCNET signed addendum No. 3 to exercise the extension of the agreement until February 2023.

FluidSurvey simplifies the process by creating a single administrator account for your entire institution. Creating a single administrator account helps to maximize savings on licensing.

If you wish to use FluidSurvey, you must designate a single 'Primary Admin User' for the Enterprise Subscription. The 'Primary Admin User' will be provided with an end-user account with additional administration and billing management features.


The agreement offers a white-label survey tool with many features/benefits for higher education users: 

  • Easy administration - tools to manage users and groups from a central panel.
  • Easily create interactive surveys and forms.
  • Access powerful analytics.


How to access

For more information about purchasing, please contact Client Services.

BCNET Client Services Team


BCNET Procurement Team 

expiry date:  FEBRUARY 28, 2023

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