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PebblePad is an ePortfolio solution for logging and evidencing achievements, experiences and skills.

BCNET holds an agreement that offers preferential pricing for PebblePad, an ePortfolio solution designed to better support digital teaching and learning experiences. The PebblePad Learning Journey Platform allows higher education leaders to seamlessly combine on-campus and online environments for reflective and experiential learning, authentic assessment, and student-centred support.

PebblePad was selected by members for its capacity to support higher education to successfully implement ePortfolio and reflective learning, as well as its security and privacy features

It can be used in many flexible ways, either self-directed by a user, or to create structured assignments for learners. Work is set and marked via a part of PebblePad called ATLAS (Active Teaching, Learning and Assessment Space).

  • Preferential pricing with additional discounts based on aggregated volume.
  • Supports flexible learning for students, across every step of their learning journey, from orientation to graduation
  • Offers a creative suite of tools, allowing students to reflect on and evidence learning in a single secure digital home that they take with them even after graduation
  • Unified, collaborative teaching and learning across the whole of the learning journey
  • Flexible platform that can be used either self-directed by a user, or to create structured assignments for learners
Eligible Members

This service is available to all members. To see a complete list of all BCNET members, please use the following link.

BCNET members

How to purchase

For more information about pricing, please contact Wilson Lee

Expiry date: July 31, 2026

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