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The BCNET and Palo Alto Networks firewall agreement offers pre-negotiated, competitive pricing for higher education members. 

In November 2020, BCNET signed a three-year agreement with Palo Alto Networks, Inc. to establish a framework for the procurement of Next-Generation Firewalls, including Hardware, Software, Subscriptions, and Support as identified in the Schedule(s).


Palo Alto Next Generation Firewalls 

BCNET members will obtain the perfect blend of performance, intelligence and simplicity with Palo Alto's next generation firewall platform of PA-7000 Series, PA-5200 Series, PA-3200 Series, PA-800 Series, PA-220 and the virtual machine firewall bundles, including, VM100, VM300, VM700.

Palo Alto's firewalls block a range of threats, including exploits, malware and spyware across all ports, regardless of common evations tactics employed. Security teams can limit the unauthorized transfer of files, and sensitive data to safely enable non-work related web surfing while gaining deep visibility and control over all traffic.   

Available subscriptions: Best-of-breed security built for tomorrow, ready today. 

All subscription and support options are available to BCNET Members including: Wildfire, Threat Prevention, URL Filtering, DNS Security Services, SD-WAN, GlobalProtect, IoT Security and Enterprise Data Loss Prevention (DLP).  

Panorama: Best-in-class management, insight and threat correlation.  

Panorama offers easy-to-implement and centralized management features to gain insight into network-wide traffic, logs and threats. Reduce complexity by simplifying configuration, deployment, and management of your Palo Alto Networks security products.  


How to access

Please contact your Palo Alto representative to learn more about the agreement or their channel partners that can be used to purchase:

Paul Becker, Account Manager, British Columbia, Palo Alto Networks 

Phone: 604-367-8197


You may also contact Compugen, BCNET’s contracted Infrastructure VAR to purchase:

BCNET Procurement Team 

expiry date: November 14, 2023 

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