Internet Transit

BCNET Internet Transit Service offers multi-homed, highly reliable and cost-effective commercial internet service.

BCNET buys internet service in bulk from commercial vendors by aggregating transit usage of participants to acquire economies of scale and significant savings.

Every few years, on behalf of participating institutions, we issue a request for vendor quotes to contract high-quality service at the lowest price from commercial internet service providers.

A member-led working group collaborates to examine common requirements, evaluates vendor proposals, selects a vendor proposal and establishes a supplier contract.

Eligible Members

This service is available to all members. To see a complete list of all BCNET members, please use the following link.

BCNET members


How to purchase

For more information about purchasing, please contact Client Services.


Support & Service Requests

We provide 24/7 expert support to ensure uninterrupted, problem-free network service. 

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