Emergency Travel Services – International SOS

International SOS provides peace of mind for institutions when their staff, faculty and students travel outside the country.

BCNET holds a contract for emergency traveller services with International SOS, one of the world’s largest medical and travel security organizations. The contract offers a range of travel consulting and support services for emergency situations, if and when they are required by an institution's students, faculty and staff.


Service Features

The BCNET contract brings pre-negotiated discounts on the pricing structure for International SOS emergency traveller service offerings for higher education institutions in BC.

Service Offerings

Comprehensive Assistance Membership

  • Assessment services: Assesses risk exposure for travel destinations and offers pre-travel advisory briefings and information.
  • Advice: Access to medical, security, travel advice and care through a 24/7 assistance centre network which is staffed by medical, security, aviation and logistics specialists, with locations all around the world.
  • Assistance: Provide immediate emergency assistance including transportation to medical care, security escort and evacuation and after-care to manage the consequences following a crisis. Administrative support is also available to support claim submissions to insurance providers.

Travel Tracker

  • A simple and powerful tool that tracks travellers geographically to provide an institution with visibility into potential hazards. The tracker also provides broadcast communications to keep travellers up to date with the latest relevant information.


Value of Emergency Traveller Services
  • Improve efficiencies through an administratively effective solution/contract
  • Integrate the program with the current BCNET travel management program with Direct Travel (formerly UNIGLOBE ONE) or with your institution’s own travel program
  • Mitigate risk associated with international travel for high-risk countries and help your institution fulfil its duty of care obligations
  • Offer peace of mind for travelers


How to access

For more information about purchasing, please contact Jamie Sim, Director, Business Development, International SOS.

Phone: 403-454-6711
Mobile: 403-968-2958

BCNET Procurement Team

expiry date: n/a

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