Commercial Card Services - Scotiabank

BCNET has contracted with Scotiabank to offer a commercial card program for higher education institutions.

BCNET holds a five-year contract effective January 1, 2015. The program offers a flexible, globally accepted credit card solution.

  • Higher education rebate model to maximize financial benefits to institutions
  • Simplified process that helps reduce the number of cheque payments for low-value items to a large number of suppliers
  • Reduced time and cost in transactional processing by decreasing the need for requisitions, purchase orders, invoice and cheque payment processing, handling and mailing
  • Improved user experience that helps support faculty and staff in administrative activities, which may include travel
  • Customizable user interface and workflow that meet institutional requirements
  • Improved forecasting, reporting and visibility of user spend
  • Dedicated account management team and 24/7 call centre staff

How to access

Please contact Leslie Forbes, Senior Manager, Commercial Card Sales

Office: (778)-331-8575
Cell: (236) 889-6456  

BCNET Procurement Team 

Expiry date: March 31, 2025

BCNET has the option to extend the contract for up to five additional years.

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