EduCloud Backup Service is open for business in Kamloops

BCNET is pleased to announce that EduCloud Backup service is open for business in Kamloops. The cloud service gives IT administrators a robust, secure and fault-tolerant environment to safely and continuously back-up data at diverse locations in the Province away from the flood and earthquake zones. EduCloud Backup brings an easy way to self-manage back up job schedules and restores, while delivering scalable infrastructure compliant with B.C.'s privacy legislation and FIPPA requirements.  

Geographic Diversity for Data Protection

Geographical diversity provides critical functionality for institutions located in Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland. IT administrators have the ability to distribute workloads away from their primary data centres, protecting against natural disasters and greatly reducing operational risk and IT costs. The current designated backup site is located at the Provincial Government Q9 Data Centre in Kamloops. Our dedicated province-wide, Advanced Network links institutions to diverse locations and securely transports and backs up data quickly and efficiently across the province.

EduCloud Technical Advisory Committee Outlines Strategic Priorities

In 2016, users of the BCNET EduCloud Server service formed a technical advisory committee to gauge users’ needs and develop a roadmap of strategic priorities for EduCloud's service improvements. What emerged was a collective need among institutions to safeguard campus data to diverse locations in the province away from the flood and earthquake zones. Simply put, they needed a geographically diverse cloud backup solution. BCNET proceeded to extend the functionality of EduCloud in collaboration with its members, and with the support of the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills & Training.