What began as a means for higher education institutions to simplify server administration, EduCloud Server now hosts a growing stable of production-grade services. Today, more than 150,000 post-secondary students, faculty and staff in B.C. rely on EduCloud to access campus IT, applications and ERP services.

In 2015, EduCloud Server was launched as a private, self-managed cloud server service with one location in Vancouver. Since then, not only has BCNET expanded backup services to the Q9 Data Centre in Kamloops, production-grade applications and solutions are now hosted on EduCloud, including Colleague® by Ellucian, Kaltura, MoodleDigital Signage and IBM SPSS. These services rely on the power and flexibility of EduCloud, everyday.









BCNET Member Langara College relies on EduCloud for just such services

Langara’s students are part of the 107,000 BC students accessing Kaltura in EduCloud.

“Our ability to access Kaltura’s online video platform through BCNET’s EduCloud infrastructure – rather than on our own servers – greatly simplifies and reduces our administrative efforts. We don’t encounter performance issues, and we are fully supported by BCNET. And with EduCloud servers situated in B.C., Langara was able to choose Kaltura as a hosted video solution because we can be confident that we are 100% FIPPA compliant.”

Julian Prior
Educational Technology Advisor (Multimedia Specialist) | Langara College 


EduCloud is hosting Colleague® by Ellucian for 7 institutions in B.C.

EduCloud is also a reliable and trusted hosting environment for Colleague® by Ellucian, an ERP system used by seven public post-secondary institutions in B.C. A hosted Colleague solution is now available thanks to a collaborative effort between BCNET and the Administrative Systems Consortium (ASC), a non-profit society made up of institutions that use this ERP system. Together, BCNET and ASC identified EduCloud as a reliable, production-grade solution to host ASC’s existing ERP infrastructure.


“We migrated our shared hosting infrastructure for Colleague – over 50 servers – to EduCloud in August 2017 for seven B.C. institutions. The virtual cloud service has proven to be a rock-solid solution to simplifying server administration, enhancing overall performance and keeping data safely outside the flood and earthquake zone. EduCloud has provided 100% uptime for this essential service over the past year.” 

Adrian Lim
Project Manager Institutional Research + Colleague System | Emily Carr University of Art + Design


About EduCloud Server

EduCloud Server is a private, self-managed higher education cloud server service that provides simple and secure access to provision and manage virtual servers at a fraction of the cost of implementing physical servers. Available 24/7, fully monitored, and 100% FIPPA compliant, EduCloud gives BCNET members a means to access educational technology services at a reduced cost, host mission-critical applications, and effectively manage virtual resources.