One year ago we launched a new portfolio of professional development and training services to support IT professionals at our member institutions to get the latest skills training. The new training services helped train 131 IT staff at 25 institutions.

In one year, thanks to member input, we delivered 11-course offerings in the areas of business and management skills and applications. We investigated member requirements and negotiated competitive pricing with third-party training organizations. 





"The professional development and training program makes it easy for our team to get essential technical skills and core capabilities training. BCNET coordinates training on behalf of members, aggregates seats, develops specialized training courses and brings in third-party professionals to do the training. This model helps cater the courses to our higher ed needs and availability based on our academic cycles. It also extends our ability to train more staff and eliminates logistical challenges."

Sandeep Sidhu

Director, Client Services, IT Services | Simon Fraser University