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The BCNET and Cisco wireless equipment contract offers pre-negotiated, competitive pricing for higher education members.

In December 2020, BCNET signed a three-year agreement with Cisco Systems Canada Co. to establish a framework for the procurement of Wireless Networking products. Members can acquire a wide range of products and services with competitive negotiated discounts to meet their needs. 

Wireless Products

Cisco Wireless LAN Products

  • Cisco Wireless LAN products provide anywhere, anytime access to network resources with the same quality of experience that a wired network delivers.

Cisco Meraki Cloud Networking 

  • Cisco Meraki enables digital transformation through easy-to-use cloud networking capabilities.

Cisco Meraki Products 

  • Cisco Meraki MR: The MR family, featuring Cloud Managed WiFi solutions, reliably delivers new mobile experiences with future-proof wireless.
  • Cisco Meraki MX: The MX family, featuring Cloud Managed Network Security and SD-WAN, offers 100% centralized cloud management for security, networking and application control.
  • Cisco Meraki MS: The MS family, featuring Cloud Managed Network Switching, caters to the demands of net-gen wired and wireless networks by combining the simplicity of the cloud managed dashboard with the power of enterprise-grade hardware.
  • Cisco Meraki MV : The MV family, featuring Cloud Managed smart cameras, provides reliable security and valuable business insights to organizations of any scale.


How to access

Please contact your Cisco representatives to learn more about the agreement or their channel partners that can be used to purchase. For all general inquiries, please contact:

Mike MacDonald, Public Sector Account Manager, Cisco Systems

Phone number: 604-647-2331

You may also contact Compugen, BCNET’s contracted Infrastructure VAR to purchase:


BCNET Procurement Team

expiry date: DECEMBER 7, 2023

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