Vulnerability Scanning

BCNET offers institutions a shared cybersecurity service to help identify the vulnerabilities, configuration issues, and malware that attackers may use to penetrate your public network. 

Nessus® Professional is the industry’s most widely deployed assessment solution and is deployed by millions of users worldwide. Nessus identifies vulnerabilities, policy-violating configurations and malware that attackers use to penetrate your network.

Nessus features high-speed asset discovery, configuration auditing, target profiling, malware detection, sensitive data discovery and more. It supports more technologies than competitive solutions, scanning operating systems, network devices, next generation firewalls, hypervisors, databases, web servers and critical infrastructure for vulnerabilities, threats and compliance.

  • Easy-to-use: Policy creation is simple and only requires a few clicks to scan an entire corporate network
  • Comprehensive: Supports more technologies and identifies more vulnerabilities than competitive solutions
  • Fast and accurate: High-speed accurate scanning with low false positives
  • Timely protection: Tenable researchers quickly deliver plug-ins to identify the latest vulnerabilities and threats
  • Detects security holes in local or remote hosts 
  • Detects missing security updates and patches
  • Simulates attacks to pinpoint vulnerabilities 
  • Executes security tests in a contained environment 
  • Scheduling feature for security audits
Eligible Members

This service is available to higher education members only. To see a complete list of all BCNET members, please use the following link.




For more information, please contact Client Services.



To report server incidents, please contact:
 604-424-0489 or

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