Travel Management Services - Direct Travel

BCNET has contracted with Direct Travel to provide institutions with Travel Management Services.

In November 2021, BCNET exercised the extension of an additional two (2) year term to December 1, 2023. The Direct Travel (formerly UNIGLOBE One Travel) contract for travel management services offers institutions a full array of corporate travel services for both domestic and international travellers.

  • Access to a dedicated higher education account team for program implementation support, 24/7 access to travel experts, and management of group travel details including athletics and international travel
  • Provide safety and security support for travellers through traveller profile management, 24/7 rescue line and Flight Tracker solutions
  • Improved user experience for travellers by providing an option for online self-service and full service agent assistance 
  • Access to a range of sector air, hotel and car agreements to support cost-effective travel
  • Access to reporting tools and performance metrics to increase spend visibility to policy and cost management strategies



Please contact:

Matthew Bellomo, Account Manager
Phone:  604-661-4908  

BCNET Procurement Team 

EXPIRY DATE: December 1, 2023

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