Transit Exchange

Our Transit Exchange service offers network peering to help reduce network costs and improve internet performance.

BCNET pioneered the development of Transit Exchange points in British Columbia to reduce internet transit costs, decrease lag time and increase network performance for participating members.

Transit Exchanges are an entity, or physical infrastructure, that act as a junction, or meeting place for networks to interconnect and peer locally. As well, Exchanges offer a marketplace for participants to easily buy and sell network services. They are open and powerful, high-performance network platforms located in Vancouver, Surrey, Victoria, Kelowna, Kamloops and Prince George. 

Today, these Transit Exchange points are open to Internet Service Providers, Content Delivery Service Providers, academic, government, media, technology, science and financial organizations to interconnect their networks, peer, and buy and sell network services.


Transit Exchanges connect private and public organizations through leading-edge network platforms to move data effectively and efficiently and open new opportunities for commerce.

Connect to a Wide Range of your Preferred Commercial Providers

  • Buy network services from an array of commercial providers through a single circuit connection at the Exchange making it easy to switch providers and negotiate the best service options for your business once connected
  • Choose from many network service providers at the Vancouver Exchange including ISPs, content and entertainment providers


Peer Your Networks and Decrease Internet Transit Costs and Enhance Network Performance

  • Interconnect your network to peer and exchange data traffic efficiently with participants
  • Boost performance and decrease latency


Interconnect to Many Networks

Gain access to an array of organizations including government, higher education, research, business and network service providers


Increase Redundancy

Connect to multiple internet service providers through a single circuit connection at the exchange


High-Performance Ethernet Connections

BCNET's high-performance infrastructure can deliver network speeds by up to 100 gigabits per second


24/7 Customer Support

Around-the-clock network support provides fast response times and a client portal connects participants to advanced reporting tools, real-time network traffic reports and network monitoring

Eligible Members

Transit Exchange services are open to all members as well as Internet Service Providers, Content Delivery Service Providers, academic, government, media, technology, science and financial. To see a complete list of who's connected at each of five Exchange points, please use the following link.

Connected Members

Transit Exchange Locations
Location Address
Vancouver Transit Exchange 515 West Hastings Street, Vancouver, B.C.
Surrey Transit Exchange 13450 102 Avenue, Surrey, B.C.
Victoria Transit Exchange 940 Blanschard Street, Vancouver, B.C.
Prince George Transit Exchange 1100 Patricia Coulevard, Prince George, B.C.
Kamloops Transit Exchange 7 Victoria Street West, Kamloops, B.C.
Kelowna Transit Exchange 1628 Dickson Avenue, Kelowna, B.C.



How to purchase

For more information about purchasing, please contact Client Services.


Support & Service Requests

We provide 24/7 expert support to ensure uninterrupted, problem-free network service. 

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