Scientific Supplies Roster

Scientific Supplies Roster of Pre-Qualified Vendors to Meet your Academic and Research Supplies Requirements

The BCNET scientific supplies roster of pre-qualified, market-leading vendors provide a range of branded, in-house and generic scientific supplies to meet academic and research supplies requirements. The roster of vendors offers a marketplace, which is designed to provide your faculty and science stores with greater options for purchasing supplies, while saving your institution both time and money.

The BCNET scientific supplies roster gives access to specialized vendors that provide a broad range of supply categories:

  • Consumable Supplies
  • Life Sciences Products
  • Chemicals
  • Minor Lab Equipment
Company Contact Information

ACP Chemicals

Frank Ferrara, Business Development Manager

Canadawide Scientific

Alaina Lau, Inside Sales Representative

ESBE Scientific

Marika Stark, Territory Manager

Fisher Scientific


Craig Matson, Industry Director, Academic Segment


Evan Cronmiller, Territory Manager


Peter Hurley, Customer Solutions Manager



Tina Thottingal, Senior Account Development Manager

Ultident Scientific  

Jay C. Gross, VP Sales and Marketing

VWR International 

Clare Protheroe, Region Director


Olga Kapustina, Sales Representative

Members can access the master agreements with each vendor to acquire scientific supplies that align with your institution's policies and processes.

Roster Benefits
  • Expertise: Knowledgeable specialists for advice on products, handling, storage, warranties, and training
  • Competitive Pricing: Access a comprehensive catalogue of scientific supplies including branded, private label or generic products and optimized pricing
  • Service Standards: Leverage a range of delivery options that meet appropriate product and service level requirements through proper shipping and handling particularly related to perishable supplies
  • Value-added services: Access a range of value-added services (varying by supplier) to support research and academic program activities and operations including, but not limited to, pipette clinics, free samples, consignment services, lab asset management, recycling programs, and more
  • Increased Spend Visibility: Collect data through supplier reporting capabilities to build on future opportunities and optimize scientific supplies spending, increase standardization for common consumables, and meet institutional health, safety and sustainability reporting requirements
  • Reduced Administrative Effort: Reduce acquisition and administrative costs associated with acquiring scientific supplies through a sector contract and online ordering solutions




For inquiries, contact:

BCNET Procurement Team 

EXPIRY DATE: February 28, 2023


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