Mass Notification System – Regroup

Regroup's innovative solutions enable institutions to communicate faster, easier and more efficiently in critical and non-critical situations.

In October 2018, BCNET renewed the agreement with Regroup for two years to offer its existing service and cost model for Mass Notification Systems.

Regroup offers a cloud-based, unified, mass notification platform that streamlines campus communications and improves safety by reaching faculty, staff, and students on campus or off-site through all major communication channels including email, SMS, PA systems, websites and more.


  • Discounts on standard base pricing

  • One-time implementation fee

  • Includes standard database integration,desktop alerts and mobile app integration

  • Multi-year discounts

  • Unlimited use of Regroup’s mobile apps


How to access

For more information about purchasing, please contact Owen McNish, Sales Executive, Regroup. 

expiry date: OCTOBER 23, 2019

Learn more

View the contract, pricing, and more.

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