BCNET Mentorship Program

Our priority is to serve our members and help them to succeed. We established the BCNET Mentorship Program to invest in the success of higher education IT leaders of tomorrow.

Our program, delivered in partnership with senior IT leaders, is our way to give back to our community, invest in higher education IT career development and empower the next generation of IT professionals.

The BCNET Mentorship Program is designed to support IT professionals, at all levels, with opportunities to learn from senior IT leaders and advance in their career. We will help cultivate aspiring leaders by matching mentors with mentees to offer them valuable guidance, leadership skills, knowledge, experiences and networking skills.

The Mentoring Relationship

The information and skills that a mentor and mentee choose to develop and share is at their own discretion. Nevertheless, there are some key areas both mentors and mentees can consider to maximize the benefit of the program.

  • Skills development can help the mentee learn explicit capabilities, add value to their organization and advance their career path.
  • Goal setting & career planning can help the mentee identify their professional aspirations and long-term career paths and explore possibilities outside of their professional environment. 
  • Problem solving can support the mentee in enhancing cognitive skills and tactics to overcome obstacles, better analyze situations, and improve performance. 
  • Networking skills can help the mentee develop their interpersonal skills as well as expand their professional connections and network. 
Mentor Role

A mentor is an advisor and coach to help mentees move toward their career goals.

  • Acts as an advisor and coach to offer advice, guidance, and feedback, share their experience and expertise as needed, act as a guide for vetting ideas and action plans.
  • Acts as a champion to offer encouragement and support to help mentees get outside of their comfort zones, praise successes, and guide mentees to plan for the future.
  • Recommends resources that will benefit mentees with personal development and growth, such as recommending books, courses, or networking opportunities.
  • Truthsayer to provide honest feedback or a sounding board for mentees.

Mentee Role

A mentee wants to learn, grow and develop with the support and guidance of a mentor. 

A mentee is:

  • Equipped with a plan to identify learning goals and measures of success in the mentoring relationship.
  • Responsible to actively drive the process and their desired learnings.
  • Schedules and attends mentor meetings.
  • Open and responsive to feedback.
  • Respectful of their mentor’s time.
  • Punctual for meetings or any mutually scheduled commitments.
The Matching Process

Mentors and mentees must fill out a Mentorship Program application form. Once applications are received, BCNET will pair mentors with mentees based on identified goals, desired development outcomes, credentials, and geography. 

One-year Commitment

The BCNET mentorship program is a one-year program where both parties are committed to ongoing professional development throughout the year. The mentor and mentee will determine where, when and how often to meet. There is no pre-determined schedule/time commitment by BCNET.

Mentors and mentees are encouraged to continue the relationship after the one-year term, but there is no commitment. Ongoing mentoring is at the discretion of the mentor and mentee.

Benefits for Mentors
  • Develop your leadership skills
  • Contribute to the next generation of IT leaders
  • Influence change and instill knowledge
Benefits for Mentees
  • Shape your IT leadership roadmap
  • Get valuable insight and advice
  • Learn how to develop your leadership style
Eligible Members

The program is open to higher education members. To see a complete list of members, please use the following link.

BCNET members

Mentorship Resources

BCNET mentees have access to resources to help you develop and maintain a successful mentoring relationship.

How to Apply

If you are interested in being a mentor or mentees, please complete an application. Once applications are received, BCNET will pair mentors with mentees.

Be a Mentor

Be a Mentee

For more information, please contact Client Services.


Next Program Intake: Spring 2022


"As a mentor, I learned just as much as my mentee!" - Mentor

"The BCNET Mentorship Program is a great way to invest in your own learning and growth while connecting with a colleague from another institution. The more you engage, the more value for you." - Mentor