Network Performance

Network measurement and monitoring are an essential part of BCNET's network operations. Data that is collected from tools help network operators identify and address issues, so that early signs of problems can be detected before they escalate to network failures.

perfSONAR Dashboard
The BCNET perfSONAR dashboard is a software diagnostic tool designed to monitor Advanced Network performance. Tests are run between six BCNET Transit Exchange sites to provide performance metrics such as latency and loss. 

Follow the link to the dashboard: perfSONAR Network Testing Dashboard

BCNET Network Speed Test

Check the upload and download speeds between your computer and the Vancouver Transit Exchange point. The BCNET 10 gigabit speed test server allows you to test network speed, latency and jitter.  Test your Network Speed:


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Internet Protocol Version 6

Since 2009, the BCNET Advanced Network has been IPv6-enabled (Internet Protocol version 6), supporting researchers in their quest to share data, participate in international experiments and collaborate with their IPv6-enabled peers around the world. It is essential for Canadian universities to get on board, so that networks around the world can “talk” to each other and research collaboration can go on. In addition, IPv6 has a vastly larger address space and can accommodate the demand and growth of the Internet.

BCNET leads IPv6 workshops in an effort to help B.C.’s universities and other Canadian institutes become IPv6-ready and to promote and support IPv6 awareness and training. An online IPv6 Community Lab was developed as a test-bed for Canadian institutions to get hands-on experience.

IPv6 Community Lab