Appropriate & Responsible Use Policy

Each individual user connected to the BCNET Network through your organization must be responsible in its use. Individuals and organizational use of the BCNET Network must not interfere with the work of other users of the network, disrupt the host systems attached to or accessible by the network, or disrupt network services. Information transfer that is likely to result in the loss of someone's files, or cause any damage to or undue interference with another's work or system, is prohibited.

Your organization must ensure that you can identify every individual who uses your access data link into the BCNET Network. You must be able to associate each IP address on your network (or other secondary networks) which uses the BCNET Network with the user of that address. If a computer, terminal, or dial port on your site is publicly accessible, then every person that uses that computer, terminal or dial port must be authenticated before they are given access to the BCNET Network, and you must maintain a record of that authenticated use.

Any communication that violates existing laws is strictly prohibited. The posting of defamatory material or material that infringes the copyright, trade-mark rights, patent rights or other intellectual property rights of third parties is strictly prohibited. The violation of the privacy rights of others is strictly prohibited. Access to networks connected to the BCNET Network must follow the acceptable use policies of those networks.

These guidelines apply to each individual who uses your link to the BCNET Network. It is the responsibility of each member/affiliate organization to ensure that all users of the link are aware of these policies and adhere to them. If an organization is providing gateway service, it is the responsibility of the organization to ensure all gateway clients aware of these policies and adhere to the.

Your organization agrees to cooperate with BCNET in order to find and stop any violations of these guidelines.