Strategic Priorities 2022–2027

In July 2021, we announced the launch of the BCNET strategic planning project. The strategic plan serves to renew our priorities, align with our mission, and vision and provide a clear roadmap for the next five years.

Strategic Planning Process

Beginning in July, MNP LLP will engage with the BCNET Board of Directors, members, and stakeholders to gather input for our 2022 — 2027 priorities.  Members are welcome to submit suggestions to MNP, by emailing Please use the subject line: “BCNET Strategic Planning Project”. All emails are confidential.


July - August

Discovery and Input | Engaging with Members & Stakeholders

We contracted with MNP to manage the BCNET strategic planning project. MNP will gather inputs for the strategic priorities as follows:

  • Interview the Board of Directors and select stakeholders
  • Distribute a survey to member representatives
  • Conduct focus groups

The outputs from the interviews, surveys and focus groups will serve as inputs for the strategic priorities.



September - October

Affirming "What We Heard"

In October, MNP will present the outcomes of the member engagement to the Board, Executive and members of 'What We Heard".


November - December

Finalize the Strategic Priorities

In the final stage, MNP will present a draft of the strategic priorities for feedback to the Executive Committee, the Board and members. Then, they will further refine the strategic priorities.