Strategic Roadmap

In a rapidly evolving landscape, the BCNET strategic roadmap purposefully charts our direction, aligns with our renewed mission and vision and sets our course for the future. The five-year roadmap outlines key strategies to shape our growth, areas of focus, key initiatives and desired outcomes.


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A Shared Vision: The BCNET Strategic Roadmap


BCNET Strategic Roadmap 2017 - 2022 | Three Areas of Strategic Focus






The strategic roadmap purposefully maps our direction, aligns with our mission and vision and sets the course for the future. The five-year roadmap outlines three key strategies to shape our growth.









 Key Initiatives


Member Services

A More Valuable BCNET

  1. Enhance our services to meet the evolving technological and research needs of our members
  2. Design and implement cybersecurity services and facilitate the adoption of cloud technologies


Stakeholder relations

A More Responsive BCNET

  1. Broaden and strengthen stakeholder relations to improve services adoption
  2. Facilitate the sharing of best practices and promote knowledge and skills on emerging technologies
  3. Advocate for members’ technology needs with provincial and national research and education organizations



BCNET Organization

A More Resilient BCNET

  1. Implement administrative systems and processes to support organizational success
  2. Demonstrate value, transparency, and accountability
  3. Implement enterprise risk management program